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Faculty of Finance, Banking and Auditing
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Faculty of Finance, Banking and Auditing

Faculty of Finance, Banking and Auditing offers various study programmes in the fields of economics, trade, marketing, taxes and customs, banking, accounting and auditing, finance, agro-business and agro-economics. The lecturers are eminent professors and experts both from our contry and from abroad.

Faculty of Finance, Banking and Auditing

Students can use modern technical equipment during their learning. Innovative methods of education such as mentoring work, work in small groups, distance learning are included in the teaching process. During the school year, additional courses are being organised about the topics which have not been discussed in classes in detail, but they are relevant for students’ field of study. During their studies, the students do their internship in the companies which collaborate with the University.

Different events, guest lectures, panel discussions, conferences, which enhance students’ learning experience, makes our faculty a place in which people like to study. We build the spirit of communion and mutual collaboration both through students associations and clubs and through common projects of students, professors and friends of our faculty – successful experts from the country and from abroad.

Today our graduates occupy high positions in all fields of the society, they are employed in successful companies in the country and abroad (Coca Cola, Mercedes Benz, NIS, Delhaize Group, Serbia gas, Gazprom Neft and others), they occupy leading positions in financial institutions (Societe Generale Bank, Banca Intesa, Raiffeisen Bank, Addiko Bank, Findomestik Bank, Commercial Bank in Serbia, National Bank of Serbia, Belgrade Market, Deloitte, Ernst&Young, Milenium Insurance, Uniqa Insurance, Danube Insurance, Allianz and others), in public services from local municipality to the ministry department. We are very proud of their achievements, since they reflect the strength and the quality of the Faculty. Today our best graduates are also academic professors at the universities in our country and abroad. Students from Russia, Kazahstan, Ukraine, Kirgistan and Uzbekistan also studied at our Faculty. Today these students are successful leaders in the countries of the former Soviet Union.


  • Bachelor’s Studies: Finance (Distance Learning DLS), Trade, Accounting and Auditing, Agro-Business and Agro-economics, Economics
  • Master’s Studies: Trade, Agro-Business and Agro-economics
  • Ph.D. Studies: International Trade and Business