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Faculty of Foreign Languages
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Faculty of Foreign Languages

Faculty of Foreign Languages was founded in 2005 and it is the first private faculty of philology in our country. The aim of the study programmes is to enable students to acquire the knowledge and skills which are necessary for performing jobs in the domain of education, translation, culture, publishing, public relations, international partnership and all of the fields related to English language, literature and culture.

Faculty of Foreign Languages

Apart from theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of English language, teaching methodology, literary and cultural studies, competent professors and assistants motivate and develop our students’ capability for team work, creativity, flexibility and managing quality communication. The content and structure of the study programmes are in accordance with contemporary processes in the study of language, literature, and culture. Teaching is performed interactively and dynamically, in small groups, whereby the optimal effects in the teaching process are achieved. The Faculty of Foreign Languages organises a number of extracurricular activities, creative workshops, translation sections and guest lectures, where students are able to improve their talents as well as acquire additional and broader knowledge.

We dedicate great attention to academic publishing, which is an activity carried out in several directions. A new edition of significant academic monographs by our professors was established in 2014 under the name of “Novi vidici” [New perspectives]. Since 2012, as a result of the traditional annual academic conference, wherein we strive to connect researchers from different academic and educational centres and countries, 8 books of proceedings have been published. The Faculty has been publishing Reči: Journal of Language, Literature and Culture since 2009, and the journal is categorised by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia as a significant academic journal (M52). It is our special pleasure to feature the products of young researchers’ work in our publications.

Within its plan and programme, the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Alfa BK University offers study programmes after which students acquire the title of the Bachelor of Philology and Master of Philology.      
We are especially proud of the fact that our Faculty provides high-level professional and academic eligibility of students, while simultaneously directing their attention towards the development of practical skills and knowledge, which are crucial to young people’s competence on the business market and in order for them to reach their desired work positions as soon as possible. A specificity of our study programmes can be seen in the opportunity for the students to expand their interests onto the fields of business English language, computer sciences, managing human resources and the culture of business negotiation, which helps them to become successful professionals who work in the country and abroad, not only as teachers, translators and court interpreters, but also in successful companies, as managers and consultants, with an excellent apprehension of the English language.


Faculty of Foreign Languages:

  • Bachelors Studies: English Studies
  • Masters Studies:
    • English Studies – Linguistics
    • English Studies – Literature