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Faculty of Management in Sport
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Faculty of Management in Sport

From the very foundation of the Faculty, the teaching process was carried out in continuity by the most eminent professors in their fields, and well-known domestic and foreign sports experts used to join them and give invited lecturers as well. Our professors are successfully taking part in prestigious world science and professional conferences and in that way, apart from collecting the latest scientific knowledge, they promote our Faculty and our University.

Faculty of Management in Sport

Taking into account that our job does not end by simply transferring the knowledge to the students, but that this University should represent a significant factor in modernization of technology of professional work in the field of sport, for more than a decade the Faculty of Management in Sport organizes an international scientific conference, which has been recognized by International Olympic Committee as a very important one since the last year. The conference is included in their calendar of events and it is the only scientific conference with that type of recognition in the region. So far there have been over 1000 participants who have presented the results of their research and more than 100 of them were the most eminent world experts and lecturers in the field of sports management who shared their knowledge with large number of guests which attended our conferences.

The need to publish and make available scientific and professional work of our teachers, but also of our students, motivated us to start publishing a Journal under the title Sports Management. This publication represents one and only professional Journal of this type. It is specifically focused on the issues related to the field of sports management in the country.

In order to do the dissemination of professional and the latest technological information in the field of sports management, we organize professional panel discussions under the title “Sports, education, spirituality“  which make our Faculty unique and recognizable both inside and outside of the field of sports. The title itself, but also the participants, point out that we are dealing with the whole range of multidisciplinary issues. Special quality of these professional conferences is the method of work, which is characterized by interaction, orientation on concrete, current problems and the experience acquired by dedicated work and life in sports and for sport. The best illustration of the importance and quality of these panel discussions are their participants such as Dragoslav Šekularac, Milutin Šoškić, Svetlana Ceca Kitić, Dušan Savić, Dejan Tomašević, Novica Veličković, Vuk Rašović, Mateja Kežman, Dejan Savić, Živko Gocić, Andrija Prlainović, Duško and Gojko Pjetlović, Slavoljub Muslin and many others who have strongly contributed to the development of Serbian sport.



  • Bachelor’s Studies: Management in sports
  • Master’s Studies: Management in sports, Management in Training Technologies