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Academic credit system
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Academic credit system

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System-ECTS

The Alfa BK University, within the framework of the Erasmus + Programme, will be fully committed to the acceptance and implementation of the ECTS credit system as a basic tool of the European Higher Education Area through which transparency of study programs and courses is achieved in practice.

Academic credit system

As a system that enables mobility and recognition of acquired student qualifications, ECTS credits enable the Alfa BK University to increase the flexibility of its study programs for incoming students, but also to better prepare its mobility participating students for going to partner institutions abroad. ECTS credit system will also help the Alfa BK University in planning, delivering, and evaluation of institutional partners` higher education programs, as well as the mutual recognition and clarification of Diplomas, Diploma Supplements, and other relevant documents for use in different countries. This system enables the evaluation of the students` engagement and knowledge that is necessary for mastering the subject as a whole, all subjects in the semester, the academic year, as well as the entire curriculum. The Republic of Serbia has accepted the European System for the Transfer and Accumulation of student credits, meaning that the Alfa BK University itself respects and achieves the basic goals and principles of the European Higher Education Area.

At the Alfa BK University all forms of active teaching, including the exam, are included in forming a total mark. Points are earned within the teaching activities provided for each subject, but are recognized only after the student has passed the exam in the appropriate subject. Acquired points for individual subjects are included in the sum of points required for each academic year or a certain level of study completion (first degree – Bachelor academic studies; second degree - Master academic studies, and third degree - doctoral academic studies). At the Alfa BK University in Belgrade, the sum of 60 ECTS points corresponds to the average total student engagement in the scope of a 40-hour working week during one academic year. The sum of 30 ECTS points is awarded during one semester. The entire four-year first degree studies at the Alfa BK University are worth 240 points; Master academic studies are worth 60 points; while the third degree studies are worth 180 points.